Vent VK300 40KW

Vent VK300 40KW
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Control board ECOMATIC VKT

It is designed to control and regulate intake-mixing unit PROTON VENT (one board is required for each unit). Main functions of ECOMATIC VKT are:
- regulation of air-in volumes 0% to 100% by changing the position of the valve of fresh air intake;
- control of the actuator of intake and recirculation valves;
- maintenance of temperature in a building;
- protection of the heat exchanger from freezing.



Speed regulator TR

Single-phase regulator of fan’s motor rotations. Autotransformer is a regulating element by which current power is decreased. Possibility to regulate in five speed modes. Three models are available: TR 505 (0,6 A), TR 515 (1,5 A), TR 530 (3,0 A). The higher max. current strength the more air heaters can be connected to one regulator.



Motorized balanced valve SRVK

Motorized balanced valve with reduction electric drive SRVK present combination of motorized balanced valve – a flow limiter and control valve.


Mounting console CM LX

Reliable and robust mounting console CM VK is produced of carbon steel with thickness of 2 mm. It enables to install air heart easily and fast. Safe load on the console is 200 kg. It assures safe use of air heaters PROTON.


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