Bespoke Buffer Tank Designer

Here you can create a custom designed buffer tank upto 25,000L. All bespoke tanks are rated to 110 C as standard, this is ideal for using with high temperature systems. 3 bar rated with the option to choose a higher rating and all buffer tanks come with lifting eyes for easy positioning. The tank comes with connections on top and bottom as standard for air valve and drainage.The sensor pockets are 1/2". You also have the option to add 100mm or 160mm insulation which is custom made to suit the bespoke tank. This will arrive in a sealed box with the buffer tank so there is minimum risk of any damage. Lead times vary from 3-15 weeks. Follow the steps below to create your custom buffer tank.

Select the size you require, If you are unsure of the size you need please use our buffer sizing guide to help or call us for advice. You now have the option to choose port positioning and port sizes (available in F BSP " and DN PN16 connections) Add a description if required as a reference, Select N/A if no connection is required.You will have all of the available sensor pockets selected to begin with, deselect the connections you do not need.You will have a side view and overview of your buffer tank design which will change throughout the process of design.Finally creating a price for your design and a PDF drawing, If you require additional changes E.g The size of the buffer tank is too tall due to height restrictions on site, simply add this to the notes column with information of the maximum height and the tank will be designed to suit by increasing the diamater. If there are any issues with the your design you will be contacted before the order is confirmed. We can now offer 200,000L buffer tanks, give us a call to discuss your requirements