Biomass Boiler Servicing And Maintenance

´╗┐The Biomass Hut Ltd are registered under the new Hetas scheme HABMS, ID no - 9427. under the new MCS040 standard all boilers claiming RHI payments must ensure there biomass system is maintained by an approved and competent servicing company working under this scheme.


Biomass Boilers we service



 Biomass Breakdown Service

Herz breakdown engineer

With a minimum of seven years experience for our engineers on herz Biomass boilers and with previous experience of over 500 boiler installations under our belt we can offer an excellent breakdown service 24/7

covering the country we offer over the phone technical support 24/7 and a fast response time to attend site and repair your boiler. We can offer one off repairs and services or full service contracts. If your system has never worked properly since day one then there may be a issue with the hydraulics or the controls.

Why choose The Biomass Hut

  •  Engineers have a Minimum of 7 years experience on herz boilers
  • All of our customers come back for a service renewal
  • There are no price increases
  • Friendly staff
  • Cheaper parts than other suppliers
  • Guaranteed peace of mind


We also check that the system is safe to use and all the correct safety requirements are in place and offer advice on a report or carry out the work for you following a quotation of works.


Standard - 8am - 5pm = £325 call out charge - £60 per hour on site.

Out of office - 5pm - 8am = £350 call out charge - £70 per hour on site.

Weekends and Bank Holidays = £400 call out charge - £80 per hour on site.

Recommissioning - £600 + VAT per boiler

BMS control/wiring £700 + VAT per day

If additional parts are required and a return visit is needed then only the hourly rate

is charged (including travel time) on the return visit + mileage at 45p

Prices are discounted in a service contract

 Biomass servicing and maintenance

 Herz biomass servicing and maintenance

Biomass boilers across the UK are generally installed under a RHI scheme with a 20 year payback so it it vital your biomass boiler is maintained correctly over it's lifetime. Biomass boilers are a specialist bit of equipment and need a specialist team of engineers with experience to maintain and prolong the life of the biomass system. Engineers at  The Biomass Hut are highly trained on wood chip, pellet and log systems. If you do not have time to carry out weekly/monthly checks on the boiler we can cater for this with a service contract.

Main service detail

  • Fault log is checked on system and faults repaired (providing no parts required)
  • Inspect all boiler access doors and seals, replaced if damaged
  • Heat exchanger is thoroughly examined and cleaned
  • Combustion chamber is thoroughly examined, checking all refractory blocks, walking floor grate and stoker augers
  • Fuel store and boiler auger screws are tested and cleaned
  • Primary and secondary air ports are cleared of carbon build up
  • Inspect and clean boiler exhaust fan system
  • Inspect all mechanical seals
  • Inspect and test ignition device
  • All motors, chains and bearings are checked and lubricated where necessary
  • Check control panel hardware and powerboard electrics
  • Check anti burnback and all other safety systems are fully operational
  • Test, run and check operation of all boiler systems
  • On completion a service report will be issued providing detail of the work carried out, all findings and advisories of any remedial work



10-60 KW - £500 per visit

80-201 KW -  From £600 per visit

220-500 KW - From £600 per visit

600-1500 KW-  From 800 per visit

If any faults are found on the boiler, they will be rectified free of charge during the service providing no parts are required.

We also offer service contracts to suit your requirements, These generally involve 2 visits per year.

Herz spare parts

The Biomass Hut also offers spare parts for Herz boilers, Get in touch for a  quotation.


We cover

Herz biomass services in leicestershire, Herz biomass services in Nottinghamshire, Herz biomass services in Rutland, Herz biomass services in derbyshire, Herz biomass services in Staffordshire, herz biomass services in Shropshire, Herz biomass services in Lincolnshire, Herz biomass services in Warwickshire, Herz biomass services in Huntingdon and Peterborough, Herz biomass services in Cambridge and Herz biomass services in Worcester.


Biomass Boilers repairs and remedial work

Wo offer the full package

Design, install and maintenance.

Both domestic and commercial projects for HERZ boilers, covering every model

Herz Firestar, Pelletstar, Firematic, Biomatic and Biofire's covering up to 1.5MW


 Are you having issues with you biomass system ? We have the skills and expertise to assess your existing heating system and ensure it works correct and as efficient as possible. We can diagnose any problems with the biomass boiler itself through a detailed condition report, check that your system is sized correctly for its heating demand. We will also do a thorough overhaul of the entire eating system, checking flow rates, correct pipe size and material, ensure inhibitor is used to protect the system.  We will carry out Pump sizing checks, schematic investigation and propose a plan of action if required. It can be a very simple process to correct the system.

We can alter your existing feed system if you have a hand fill system to swap for a fully automated feed system with a silo and much much more.


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