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Proton Eco fan blowers

It is an affordable space heating and ventilation system which meets all modern requirements. This series stands out for its features: multi-speed AC motor, wide model range, flexible automation settings, affordable price. The wide choice of automatics enables to maintain various operation regimes including individual or group settings, manual or automatic control, multi-level temperature adjustment or maintenance of the set temperature in the premises.

RTS 30 Programmable controller
- Programmability of temperature mode with accuracy up to 0.5 °C.
- Automatic and manual modes of control of rotation speed of three-speed AC-fan.
- Week programmability 5+1+1.
- Can be used with RC 30 Remote controller.
- Possibility to connect thermal sensor NTC 65.
- High level of energy savings.
- Reduction of noise.
- Protection against indoor temperature drop lower than critical level.
- Operation at heating and cooling modes.
- MODBUS protocol.
- Possibility to control two- or three-way valves.
- Easy to install.

   RTS10 Switch panel

- Regulation of three-speed AC-fan.
- Fast heating.
- Control of required temperature.
- Energy savings.
- Easy to use.
- Convenient control of temperature with 1*C accuracy.
- Noise reduction.

SRV Two-way valve with actuator
- Regulation of heat medium supply in automatic mode from a controller or thermostat.
- Accurate control of heat medium flow.
- Energy savings.
- Protection grade IP54.
- Effective hydraulic regulation of the heat supply system.

 RT 55 Industrial thermostat

- Accurate temperature measurement due to the capillary mechanism.
- Possibility to operate under conditions of low temperature (up to 0 °C).
- Possibility to operate in moisture and aggressive environments.
- Possibility of direct commutation with electronically dependent devices.

 NTC 65 External thermal sensor

- Checks indoor temperature and sends data to a controller.
- High accuracy.
- Possibility to connect a number of sensors for large buildings.
- Possibility to use in explosive buildings.

 POWER BOX Control board

- Ease of adjustment and accurate control.
- Can provide control of up to 9 air heaters.
- High efficiency.
- Protection grade IP54.

Mounting console СM 3D
Light-weight, functional, and robust revolving mounting console CM 3D is made of carbon steel with thickness of 2 mm and covered by high-quality powder paint. It provides simple and fast installation of the air heater, mounting the latter under several angels on the wall and under the ceiling, as well as enables rotation of the air heaters 180 degrees about its vertical axis. Safe load on the console is 100 kg. The console is applicable to any bearing surface. The console guarantees safe use of air heating equipment PROTON.

Condensate drop tray

The tray is designed to collect and discharge condensate while the unit operates in cooling mode. It provides possibility of fast and simple installation.





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