biomass Boilers Solutions


 Biomass Boilers repairs and remedial work

Wo offer the full package

Design, install and maintenance.

Both domestic and commercial projects for HERZ boilers, covering every model

Herz Firestar, Pelletstar, Firematic, Biomatic and Biofire's covering up to 1.5MW


 Are you having issues with you biomass system ? We have the skills and expertise to assess your existing heating system and ensure it works correct and as efficient as possible. We can diagnose any problems with the biomass boiler itself through a detailed condition report, check that your system is sized correctly for its heating demand. We will also do a thorough overhaul of the entire eating system, checking flow rates, correct pipe size and material, ensure inhibitor is used to protect the system.  We will carry out Pump sizing checks, schematic investigation and propose a plan of action if required. It can be a very simple process to correct the system.

We can alter your exising feed system if you have a hand fill system to swap for a fully automated feed system with a silo and much much more.



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